Operational field guide for developing and managing local agricultural Innovation Platforms
Date Released: 
Felister Wambugha Makini, Geoffrey Mbuthia Kamau, Margaret Nafula Makelo, Wale Adekunle, George Kiuri Mburathi, Michael Misiko, Pamela Pali, John Dixon

The dynamic changes taking place in Africa, especially those caused by increasing population and climate change necessitate renewed efforts in food production, natural resources management and protection of the environment. In the past, Agricultural Research and Development agencies used diverse approaches to share ‘best practices’/’best bet options’ with the farming community but there has been often disappointing impact at farm level. The efforts made in the 1950s were predominantly linear technology transfer approaches, the farming systems perspective in the 1970s, and the farmer participatory approaches in the 1990s. All these have led to ‘islands of success’ observed around pilot testing sites instead of the expected widespread impact. Recently, the Agricultural Innovation Systems perspective has been embraced with a view to addressing some of the shortcomings of the previous approaches.