Date Released: 

ACIAR currently has four positions available in its Canberra office.

For details on how to apply please see the recruitment page on this website

Research Program Manager – Land and Water Resources
We are seeking an experienced senior research leader who can further develop a substantial research program, while also contributing to ACIAR corporately by contributing to research portfolio management including peer review of ACIAR projects in other programs, contribution to scientific submissions and reviews, and membership of internal committees.

Associate Research Program Manager – Animal Health
This is a new position, established as part of a new ten-year strategic vision for ACIAR, that seeks to improve our ability to tackle cross-cutting issues that are not specific to particular agricultural commodities or disciplines.  A classic example of this is the interface between animal health and human health through zoonotic diseases.  We are seeking an early- or mid-career researcher with a track record in animal health, biosecurity, epidemiology and/or One Health, to work both within the Livestock Systems program, and also with other programs and initiatives across the ACIAR portfolio.

Finance and Payroll Officer
This position is responsible to the Financial Accountant for the accounts payable function and to the HR Manager for the processing and payment of salaries.

Project Officer, External Donor Funding
This position has responsibility for the administrative coordination and stakeholder liaison of external donor funding arrangements across the agency.