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ACIAR has issued its latest Partners in Research for Development magazine which focuses on nutrition in agricultural research for development.

The magazine showcases ACIAR research around the world linked to improving nutrition through a variety of approaches - from crop diversification to livestock disease management and from market engagement to food safety.

Much of the research targets women as the natural champions for their families’ health and wellbeing.  Some of the highlights include:

  • research in Vietnam opening market opportunities for poor smallholder vegetable farmers, which is also providing broader access for consumers to fresh produce,
  • promoting traditional colourful fruit and vegetables in the Pacific to diversify diets and alleviate vitamin deficiencies,
  • opportunities for improving nutrition through growing vegetables in peri-urban areas of southern and eastern Africa, and on integrating village poultry and crop production in rural areas,
  • the effect of soil mineral deficiencies on livestock and human nutrition in Tibet,
  • the importance of small bony fish as an essential source of nutrition for people in the Pacific and South-East Asia,
  • ensuring pork is produced in a safe way for consumers in Vietnam and Lao PDR,
  • diversifying crops with protein-rich legumes in Burma, and
  • the need for carefully planned, multidisciplinary research to avert the dangers of over nutrition

Also covered:

  • shining a  light on how to successfully grow crops and teak together in Lao PDR,
  • helping smallholder farming households in Lao PDR adapt to natural resource pressures,
  • key messages from ACIAR’s new strategic plan 2014-2018,
  • new publication Crop yield and global food security a groundbreaking text. and
  • latest news, events and publications

An e-mag version of the Partners magazine is available

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