Date Released: 

In associateion with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ACIAR hosted an event that enabled visiting leaders in international agricultural science to meet with ACIAR reasearch managers and Australian Goverment development and agricultural policy makers.

Five-minute forum challenge:

Visiting CG leaders, Andrew Noble ( ICARDA​), B.M Prasanna (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)​), Robyn Johnston (International Water Management Institute (IWMI)​, Ruben Echeverria (CIAT​), Tony Fischer (CSIRO​) each presented a five - minute presentations setting the scene for panel discussions at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research​ in Canberra today.

With a focus on the Asia Pacific Region the panel discussed:
* How are Ag research organisations changing their approach to meet the Agenda 2030.
* How ag research can address contemporary, cross cutting challenges and ensure that they deliver system change without losing disciplinary depth and scientific rigour.
* How do we move from research to impact at scale.