14/05/2003 (All day) The Commonwealth Budget 2003-04 - ACIAR appropriation

The Commonwealth Budget 2003-04 has allocated $46.8M to ACIAR.

08/05/2003 (All day) Exciting prospect for farmed fish

Techniques developed through an ACIAR project helping aquaculture in southeast Asia.

07/05/2003 (All day) Thai communities benefit from new ways of fish farming

An ACIAR partnership with World Vision is gaining enthusiastic acceptance from Thai villagers.

07/05/2003 (All day) Tracking Development - new World Bank report

The World Bank had just released its annual compendium of development data.

01/05/2003 (All day) The National Landcare Conference - Landcare in the Philippines

The Australian Landcare model has proven to be very successful in the Philippines.

23/04/2003 (All day) Keeping barramundi fisheries alive in the Fly River region

A project rehabilitating the barramundi fishery in the Fly River region has resulted in new legislation.

10/04/2003 (All day) ACIAR launches The Coconut Odyssey

ACIAR has launched a new book, The Coconut Odyssey - The Bounteous Possibilities of the Tree of Life.

10/04/2003 (All day) Evaluation workshops build capacity in the Philippines

Workshops build scientific capacity in the Philippines.

09/04/2003 (All day) ACIAR's first project in Burma

ACIAR’s first project in Burma begins following signing in Rangoon.

19/03/2003 (All day) Fast, simple detection of mycotoxins and pesticides

Vietnam skills to detect contamination of its agri-produce by mycotoxins and pesticides raised by ACIAR project.

14/03/2003 (All day) Leading Filipino scientist appointed to ACIAR Policy Advisory Council

Appointment of Dr Patricio Faylon to represent the Philippines on the ACIAR Policy Advisory Council.

10/03/2003 (All day) Help for Afghan cereal crops

ACIAR and AusAID have combined to support the rebuilding of the country’s devastated cropping sector.

06/03/2003 (All day) Better climatic predictions aid Indonesia

ACIAR help Indonesia better understand the El Nino-Southern Oscillation phenomenon in Indonesia.

06/03/2003 (All day) Banana fly outbreak curbed in PNG

Banana fruit fly outbreak in PNG controlled through the help of an ACIAR project team.

05/03/2003 (All day) Restored facilities opened at East Timor University

Facilities at the National University of East Timor’s Faculty of Agriculture have been restored.