ACIAR supports partnerships that create opportunities for Australian researchers to work with overseas agricultural researchers on issues of common concern. Our major focus, as part of Australia’s overseas aid program, is to support research that promotes economic development, while also contributing to sustainable agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region.

I encourage all agricultural research agencies in Australia to think about how to embrace the opportunities and the substantial benefits of being ACIAR project partners.

Here at ACIAR we welcome project proposals throughout the year, rather than inviting submissions at a particular time. There is a standing invitation to all who share our commitment to research in sustainable agricultural development, both in Australia and in the region, to explore the possibility of an ACIAR-funded partnership.

The key to a good partnership is getting the foundations right. If you are thinking about developing a research proposal, you should discuss it with the appropriate ACIAR Research Program Manager at an early opportunity. Developing a full proposal takes time and a lot of commitment.

Interaction at an early stage about the idea, timing, funding, and how the project may fit into the overall program is very important. ACIAR will only commence the process of finalising potential overseas partners when there is a reasonable probability that the project can be funded. Also, proponents must ensure that research will not duplicate existing activities being supported by ACIAR or other international funding agencies.

ACIAR strives to implement project ideas that have proceeded through to full proposal stage, but circumstances can change. Our limited funding must target priorities already agreed with individual partner countries. The ACIAR Annual Operational Plan provides guidance on country priorities. It is crucial to the development of effective partnerships that two-way commitment is established with the partner country and matches agreed priorities. Talking with ACIAR’s Research Program Managers can help shape ideas into proposals that align with the Centre’s country priorities, strategies and programs and ensure duplication does not occur.

To help you find the correct Research Program Manager to contact, a description of ACIAR’s programs and contact details are available at ACIAR’s Research Programs page.