IARC Abbreviation

Australia and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) share a vital goal for the developing world: to foster the productivity and sustainability of maize and wheat cropping systems. Australia has been one of the Centre’s most consistent supporters for more than 25 years. CIMMYT receives annual core funding of AUD750,000 (in 2005-06) from ACIAR’s budget, and other contributions through collaborative reseaarch, for example with the Grains Research and Development Corporation. Australian farmers and consumers have benefitted from CIMMYT’s work, through access to improved wheat varieties and lower prices due to improved yields. For more information about CIMMYT’s work, see its website, http://www.cimmyt.org.

CIMMYT produce regular publications that give an indication of their current activities and future plans. These include an Annual Report which looks that their activities over the calendar year 2006, and a Medium-Term Plan that details their organisational direction for 2008-2010 (available by contacting CIMMYT). It also includes an External Program and Management Review, which is done annually by the CG Science Council.