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Purpose of the guide

This guide comprises five main sections:

  • Section 1—The 2004 tsunami in Aceh provides background information on the 2004 tsunami in Aceh.
  • Section 2—A timeframe for agricultural recovery suggests a plan of activities after a significant tsunami, based on the Aceh experience.
  • Section 3—Post-tsunami assessment and restoration of soil and water presents detailed information from experience and observations of tsunami impacts and recovery programs in Aceh. These experiences are also relevant to other regions of the world.
  • Section 4—Crop management highlights the experiences of non-government organisations, government extension staff and farmers in Aceh in restoring farming activities in coastal Aceh.
  • Section 5—Aiding the recovery of agriculture and farmer livelihoods emphasises the need for communication and coordination throughout the recovery process to ensure that governments and agencies work together with the farming community.

We hope that this guide proves useful in understanding how to help farmers recover their livelihoods as quickly as possible after a tsunami.

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