Applications are now closed until the next round (April 2017).

Application closing dates

ACIAR invites and assesses applications twice a year. The application closing date (regardless of the date the conference will be held) is the first Wednesday of April and the last Wednesday of October in each calendar year.

This page provides information about elegibility and how to apply for events funding, including the application and attendance report forms. Please read this page and the attached forms before applying. If you wish to discuss an event sponsorship idea or proposal for event attendance, please contact one of our Research Program Managers.

Selection criteria

The criteria in evaluating conference support applications include:

  • Extent of likely benefit or impact on international agricultural research activities
  • Extent of likely benefit or impact on development activities in ACIAR partner country
  • Level of support from non-ACIAR sponsors
  • Level of current engagement with ACIAR
  • Level of past ACIAR support
  • Benefits offered to ACIAR
  • Degree of partner country researcher involvement
  • Scope of proposed communication and implementation plan

Event funding applications

Applications are now closed until the next round (April 2017).


ACIAR Project Numbers should be entered as numerals only (eg CIM/2011/026 should be entered as 2011026).

Funding amounts should be entered as numbers only (eg: 5000 not 5,000 or $5000) and should be in AUS$.

Please note: No late or Out of Session applications will be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of the decision within six weeks of the application closing date.

Reporting requirements

Within one month following completion of the conference, successful applicants must provide the ACIAR with:

1. A completed copy of the Attendance Report

2. A copy of the conference proceedings (both in electronic and paper copy format)

3. A copy of all information and presentation materials associated with the conference, to be forwarded to ACIAR

Payment of conference support funds

Successful applicants will receive 90% of the approved funding up front upon return of the signed contract. The remaining 10% will only be paid once all reporting requirements have been met and approved by the ACIAR, including the submission and approval of an Attendance Report which must be submitted within three months of the conference completion date.


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