Sponsorship and event attendance funding

ACIAR provides sponsorship assistance to individuals wishing to attend a conference, seminar, workshop or field day and organisations seeking sponsorship for a conference, workshop, seminar or field day that directly benefits agricultural research for development.

The aim is to develop the skills and capacity required to further advance research for development, with a focus in a mandated ACIAR partner country, or within an ACIAR project.

Individual applicants, and organisations seeking sponsorships must be able to demonstrate an involvement in agricultural research for development, and engagement in research and/or development activities within an ACIAR partner country, or a means of sharing knowledge gained with partner country researchers. ACIAR places a high priority on the dissemination and communication of knowledge gained from the experience offered by conference sponsorship.

Direct involvement in an ACIAR project is not a prerequisite in applying for funding, nor a guarantee of funding. Any level of engagement in a past, present, or pipeline ACIAR project should be disclosed.

Applicants must demonstrate how attendance at an event would benefit international agricultural research for development.

ACIAR invites and assesses applications twice a year. Application closing dates are the first Wednesday of April and the last Wednesday of October in each calendar year.

Further information to assist in the preparation of applications.