ACIAR has offices in nine countries: China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Lao PDR and Vietnam. The India and Laos offices have regional responsibilities for South Asia and Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar respectively. The Kenya office is a regional office responsible for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Managers are responsible for liaison, coordination and administration of activities required for the effective management of ACIAR’s collaborative research program in their respective countries/regions.

Country Managers provide guidance for local research institutions in the development, establishment and administration of collaborative projects, assist visiting Australian project staff and provide general in-country support. ACIAR’s country offices are an important link between partner scientists in Australia and the relevant overseas research organisations. They also play an important role in the negotiation of the collaborative/partnership framework for ACIAR’s program in their respective areas of responsibility, between ACIAR Canberra and in-country Ministries.