Country Priorities

ACIAR’s medium-term research strategy and country priorities in Lao PDR are reviewed every 4–5 years through consultations with key research coordinating agencies, universities, farmer organisations and private-sector stakeholders. The current strategy (2012–16) was agreed in June 2012 as part of the development of a whole-of-government strategy for Lao PDR, and is in alignment with the Australia–Lao Development Cooperation Strategy 2009–15. The agreed priorities are:

  • efficient and sustainable forestry industries, including non-timber products, with suitable climate change resilience
  • innovative livestock systems that allow for intensification and land-use requirements while raising animal health and biosecurity levels
  • fisheries programs that focus on habitat and fish-passage protection, while also enabling improved returns on indigenous aquaculture and wild fisheries through better value-added marketing pathways and export opportunities
  • improved institutional, training and communication frameworks that enable smallholders to adopt and adapt new technologies, and enhance the capacity development of researchers and educators
  • more-cost-effective and sustainable production systems through the application of mechanisation, diversification and intensification in rice-based farming systems, together with enhanced crop quality, quarantine standards and value-adding for domestic and export markets
  • improved natural resource management that benefits livelihoods and food security, through delivering land-use options to smallholders, with attention to both water and nutrient management within climate
    change adaptation.