ASEM/2016/047 - Agricultural extension approaches
FST/2016/025 - Developing DNA-based Chain of Custody Systems for Legally-Sourced Teak
FST/2016/151 - Advancing enhanced wood manufacturing industries in Laos and Australia
LPS/2016/027 - Assessing goat production and marketing systems in Lao PDR and market linkages into Vietnam
AGB/2016/033 - Evaluating options for reducing agricultural transport costs and improving market access for smallholders in South East Asia.
ASEM/2014/053 - Developing cassava production and marketing systems to enhance smallholder livelihoods in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar
ADP/2014/047 - Improving policies for forest plantations to balance smallholder, industry and environmental needs in Lao PDR and Vietnam
ASEM/2014/052 - Smallholder farmer decision-making and technology adoption in southern Lao PDR: opportunities and constraints
FIS/2014/041 - Quantifying biophysical and community impacts of improved fish passage in Lao PDR
AGB/2015/024 - Additional analysis of regional beef markets and trade in China and South-East Asia
ASEM/2014/102 - Critical factors for self-sustaining farmer organisations in northern Lao PDR
SMCN/2014/049 - Improving maize-based farming systems on sloping lands in Vietnam and Lao PDR
SMCN/2014/088 - Integrated resource management for vegetable production in Lao PDR and Cambodia
CSE/2014/086 - Crop-livestock systems platform for capacity building, testing practices, commercialisation and community learning
AH/2006/159 - Best practice health and husbandry of cattle and buffalo in Lao PDR
FIS/2011/072 - Pilot study for development of fish friendly irrigation and mini hydro design criteria for application in the Mekong and Murray-Darling Basins
HORT/2012/027 - Establishing a remote microscope network for pest identification in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand
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AGB/2012/048 - Review of regional beef markets and trade in China and South-East Asia
ASEM/2011/075 - Enhancing district delivery and management of agriculture extension in Lao PDR
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CIM/2014/027 - Optimisation of the single drop genomics assay to detect food pathogens
SMCN/2012/071 - Improving water and nutrient management to enable double cropping in the rice growing lowlands of Lao PDR and Cambodia
CSE/2012/077 - Mechanization and value adding for diversification of lowland cropping systems in Lao PDR and Cambodia
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FIS/2009/041 - Development of fish passage technology to increase fisheries production on floodplains in the lower Mekong and Murray - Darling River basins
AH/2012/067 - Enhancing transboundary livestock disease risk management in Lao PDR
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AH/2012/068 - Development of a market-driven biosecure beef production system in Lao PDR
FIS/2012/100 - Improving the design of irrigation infrastructure to increase fisheries production in floodplain wetlands of the Lower Mekong and Murray-Darling Basins
ASEM/2012/073 - Improving food security in the northern uplands of Lao PDR: identifying drivers and overcoming barriers
FST/2010/012 - Enhancing key elements of the value chains for plantation-grown wood in Lao PDR
ASEM/2014/007 - Lao PDR Agricultural Research Fund 3
FST/2011/003 - Effective implementation of payments for environmental services in Lao PDR
FST/2012/041 - Teak-based agroforestry systems to enhance and diversify smallholder livelihoods in Luang Prabang province of Lao PDR
FST/2012/091 - Biological control of galling insect pests of eucalypt plantations in the Mekong region
HORT/2010/069 - Enabling improved plant biosecurity practices in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand
LWR/2012/110 - Regional co-learning in simple mechanised tools for rice planting