Country Context

Despite transforming itself into one of the world’s largest economies and having lifted some 500 million people out of poverty, China faces ongoing economic challenges, many of which relate to unbalanced development.

ACIAR’s program in China targets strategic partnerships and improving the sustainability of agricultural production. Research focuses on policy and technical issues associated with better management of livestock, land and water resources in north-western China and crop–livestock systems in Tibet Autonomous Region. In evaluating sustainable production, the need to raise farmers’ incomes through increased productivity and marketability of produce is also covered in the research design. To reach those most affected by poverty and land degradation, the program will increasingly target rainfed crop–livestock systems, and ACIAR will consult with its Chinese partners to engage in joint regional- and national-level research initiatives. As China is a large and emerging economy with a substantial agricultural research network and capacity, opportunities for partnerships with the other countries in the region will be explored. These opportunities for mutual research collaboration will be more appropriate as China’s development progresses.

In view of the significant human and financial resources now available within the Chinese national agricultural research system, and the strong mutual benefits to Australia, all ACIAR activities in China involve substantial co-investment from the Chinese partners.