To build linkages between the agricultural sectors of Australia and Pakistan. The Agricultural Sector Linkages Program (ASLP) has a total budget of $AU6.6M over four years. It has four components:

  • Market Linkages
  • Academic Linkages
  • Agriculture
  • Linkages Program Review

Under an agreement with DFAT, ACIAR has agreed to manage and implement the third and fourth components. The main goals of the agriculture linkages component are:

  1. To transfer Australian knowledge and expertise to key sectors of Pakistan agribusiness to increase profitability and enhance export potential
  2. To contribute to poverty alleviation of smallholder farmers through collaborative research and development
  3. To enhance the capacity of the Pakistan research, development and extension system to deliver targeted and practical research outputs to agribusiness and farmers.

The program will focus on the horticulture (mango and citrus) and livestock (dairy) enterprises, while at the same time addressing underlying issues of water management and institutional and technical capacity building. More details on the rationale and general structure of the ASLP program may be viewed in the attached document outlining the ASLP goals, priorities and activities, while details on program activities and projects are provided in the focus pages:

Program governance and administration

A Steering Committee oversights and provides strategic guidance to the program, as well as reviewing the priorities and performance. The Steering Committee comprises representatives from Australian government agencies (Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) and Pakistan government agencies (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and Economic Affairs Division). The operational aspects of the ASLP will be managed by the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) on behalf of Australian Aid. ACIAR has nominated Dr Peter Horne to act as the ASLP Coordinator to manage and implement the Program. The Coordinator will receive reports on activities undertaken and provide an annual synthesis report (see attached document below) to the Australian and Pakistan governments. To assist the Australian coordinator locally, an ASLP Program Officer is based within the Australian High Commission in Islamabad. Commissioning of project scoping studies, workshops, exposure visits, other analytical activities and the development of project proposals will be undertaken by ACIAR in accordance with its standard procedures. Approval of R&D projects will be required by Australian and Pakistani government representatives, and will also follow standard ACIAR governance procedures. ACIAR will use its existing project development and reporting procedures to manage and disperse funds. ACIAR will continuously engage with partners in Pakistan and Australia using its usual modus operandi, whereby the ASLP Coordinator, supported by the ASLP Program Officer and other ACIAR research program managers (livestock and horticulture), interacts with partners on a routine basis through regular visits to Pakistan (3 to 4 per year), participation in workshops, project reviews and field inspections.


Dr Peter Horne ASLP Coordinator ACIAR GPO Box 1571 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Tel: +61 (2) 6217 0531 Fax: + 61 (2) 6217 0553 Mobile: +61 40 305 6676 Email: peter.horne@aciar.gov.au Dr Munawar R. Kazmi Program Officer (ASLP) ACIAR, Australian High Commission Diplomatic Enclave No. 1 ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN Tel: +92 51 8355 367 Fax +92 51 282 0418 Mob +92 301 8554740 Email: Munawar.Kazmi@dfat.gov.au

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