In the past ACIAR has produced five series of newsletters:

  • the ACIAR corporate newsletter (three issues per year) - past editions available
  • Postharvest Newsletter - past editions available 
  • Mycotoxin Newsletter - past editions available
  • ACIAR’s Forestry Newsletter - past editions available
  • ACIAR country newsletters (China; Indonesia; Philippines; South Asia; Thailand, Cambodia and Laos; Vietnam)

ACIAR country newsletters are the only newsletter currently being produced.

Electronic copies of recent issues are available for downloading as Portable Document Format (pdf) files below. 

ACIAR Newsletter 41
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ACIAR Newsletter 40
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ACIAR Newsletter 39
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ACIAR Newsletter 38
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ACIAR Newsletter 37
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ACIAR Newsletter 36
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ACIAR Newsletter 35
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ACIAR Newsletter 34
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ACIAR Newsletter 42
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ACIAR Newsletter 44
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ACIAR Newsletter 43
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