What is the John Allwright Fellowship Returnee Award?


Since 1986, ACIAR has provided training opportunities to talented partner country scientists involved in ACIAR-supported collaborative research projects, to undertake postgraduate studies at Australian tertiary institutions. The primary aim of the John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) scheme is to enhance research capacity in ACIAR’s partner country institutions. Fellowship study programs are designed to provide training in research skills that can be used in a research or research management career upon return to a home country.

It is acknowledged that, in some cases, continuation of a research effort on return to the awardees’ home countries may be hindered by availability of funding. In recognition of this, ACIAR initiated a Follow-on Funding Scheme in July 1999. This Scheme is available on a competitive basis to JAF awardees who have successfully completed their study and who have returned to relevant employment in their home country.

The Follow-on Funding Scheme aims to provide grants of up to AUD $10,000 for an activity which continues, or is related to, the research done within the ACIAR project with which the JAF was associated during postgraduate work. The funding grants are primarily aimed at developing small-scale research projects in the institution to which the Fellow returns and would have the potential to catalyse longer-term local or international support. Proposals that link in with active ACIAR projects elsewhere in the returnee’s home country or in neighbouring countries, are welcomed. However, other activities may be eligible for follow-on funding, including travel to an international conference to present results of postgraduate research, or a return visit to Australia for ongoing collaboration with an ACIAR project.


Am I eligible?


The Award was designed to be complimentary to the JAF scheme and is therefore only open to applicants who have successfully completed their JAF and returned to their home country.


How do I apply?


Eligible applicants should complete the John Allwright Fellowship Returnee application form and return it to ACIAR. The form is available for download at the bottom of this page. Applications will be accepted at any time during the year and will be assessed by the ACIAR Training Committee in consultation with relevant Research Program Managers (RPM) within 4-8 weeks of receipt. Please note that the selection process is rigorous and only application forms that are properly filled in, and contain sufficient details on the proposed activity, including careful costing, are considered.

Applications can be submitted to:

Education and Training Programs GPO Box 1571 ACIAR Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Fax: 612 6217 0501 Email: catherine.hanley@aciar.gov.au

Is there anything else I should know?


Applications must demonstrate how the activity will benefit the returnees employing institution, and must have the approval of the Head of the institution. The grants are merit-based, and if successful in being awarded a grant, ACIAR will put a contract in place with the employing institution. At the conclusion of the activity, a detailed report on the outcomes of the activity and a report on grant expenditure is to be provided to ACIAR. This report must be read and certified by the Director of the returnee’s institution.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?


Any queries should be made through the ACIAR RPM who was associated with the returnee’s ACIAR project. Contact details for RPMs are available on our staff directory.