This collection of guidelines is aimed at anyone involved in the preparation of ACIAR material, both printed and electronic, scientific and corporate. This includes ACIAR staff members (in Canberra and country offices), researchers, journalists, editors, designers and printers. Branding is an integral part of ACIAR’s identity and recognition. It consists of the official Australian Government crest (made up of the Coat of Arms, ‘Australian Government’ and ACIAR’s name spelled out in full), the Australian Aid Identifier and ACIAR’s secondary design elements (hexagon, ACIAR acronym, the byline “Research that works for developing countries and Australia”, and the ACIAR website).  ACIAR branding should only be used with authorisation from ACIAR.


For queries, please contact ACIAR Communications, +61 2 6217 0500.

Branding guidelines

  • ACIAR branding guidelines
  • Australian Government design guidelines for use of Government logos

Logo download page

  • Australian Government ACIAR crest logos
  • Australian Aid Identifier logos
  • ACIAR secondary design elements

Guidelines for publishers, writers & editors

  • New publication proposal form
  • ACIAR guide for authors, editors, proofers and designers
  • ACIAR guide for technical editors