Launch event for CultiAF at the FARA Science Week (15-20 July 2013)
Launch event for CultiAF at the FARA Science Week (15-20 July 2013)
Group of people in a field of maize
Farmers benefit from access to innovations that sustainably increase agricultural production.
Woman collecting eggs
Village poultry provide an important contribution to livelihoods.
Maize drying after harvest
Food security can be improved by reducing post-harvest losses. Photo: M Wood AIFSC
Smiling children
Improving access to nutritious food is important for child development. Photo: M Wood AIFSC
women selling food at a market
Improving market access will help promote food security. Photo: M Wood AIFSC

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The Australian International Food Security Research Centre (AIFSRC) is accelerating the delivery and adoption of agricultural innovations for food security. We are doing this by bridging the gap between the development and adoption of research outcomes. These innovations include technologies, enabling policies and improved farming practices.

The AIFSRC works through collaborative partnerships to help understand and overcome barriers to adoption, whether these barriers are social, economic or technical. Our approach to enhance innovation uptake aims to increase agricultural productivity, generate additional income and promote food security. This will in turn improve the resilience and livelihoods of smallholder farmers and ultimately contribute to economic development.

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This film highlights the centre’s activities and how it is helping to accelerate the delivery and adoption of research innovations for food security. See how we are helping smallholder farmers and other poor households access nutritious food. For more detail on our projects view an extended version of this film.

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