This page provides access to the papers and additional resources that were submitted for consideration at the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture 2011.


Theme 1: More efficient management practice for conservation agriculture

Conservation agriculture: have the good years become the bad years?
Author(s): R. Heath

Sense and nonsense in conservation agriculture: principles, pragmatism and productivity in Australian mixed farming systems
Author(s): J. Kirkegaard, M. Conyers, J. Hunt, C. Kirkby, M. Watt, G. Rebetzke

Theme 2: Farming systems design

Production systems for the future: balancing trade-offs between food production, efficiency, livelihoods and the environment
Author(s): M. Herrero, P. K. Thornton

Theme 3: Impact through consultation, participation and knowledge sharing

Informing policy development for sustainable and productive food production systems in dry area.
Author(s): K. H. Shideed.

Theme 4: Policy development for market effectiveness

Making conservation agriculture ever green
Author(s): D. P. Garrity

Accepted papers omitted from printed proceedings

The following accepted papers were unaccountably omitted from the printed proceedings.

Development of healthy rice seedlings: A practical application of soil solarization.
Author(s): S. P. Banu, G. S. Abawi, J. M. Duxbury, J. G. Lauren, C. A. Meisner.

Conservation agriculture: A dynamic approach for continuing biomass production under rain-fed conditions of the Mediterranean climate
Author(s): M. Ben-Hammouda, I. Nouiri, A. Khelil, S. Talbi, B. Thabet

On farm and on station ‘Best Bet’ maize-legume cropping systems evaluation under CA and Conventional practice in mid altitude sub humid of Western Ethiopia
Author(s): A. Temesgen, T. Dadefo, T. Birhanu, G. Shumi Kifle, Degefa, S. Tadesse, G. Biru. I. Waltaji

Introducing Conservation Agriculture in the Quirimbas National Park of Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique
Author(s): J. Dambiro, F. Xavier. B. Vasco, M. Azito

Sustainable agriculture in Carbon arithmetics: LIFE+ Agricarbon
Author(s); E. J. González-Sánchez,J. A. Gil-Ribes, R. Ordóñez-Fernández, J. Agüera-Vega, F. Marquez-García, R. Carbonell-Bojollo, O. Veroz-González,M. Gómez-Ariza; J. J. Pérez-García

Co-learning from the Simmons Creek Salinity Project
Author(s): I. Hume, D. Race, T. Nordblom, J. Finlayson


Powerpoint presentations used during the oral presentations and for workshops.


Keynote Theme 3 Shideed
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