• The 3rd MSSRC International Conference on “Mekong Region and ASEAN in Transition: People and Transborder Issues”; 11 -12 September 2014, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand,
  • 4th International Rice Congress, Bangkok, 27-31 October 2014
  • Call to Action from the International Conference on Sustainability in the Water–Energy–Food Nexus (Bonn, Germany, 20 May 2014): policy-makers, practitioners and researchers around the world to start developing and implementing strategies that jointly address water, energy, and food in a comprehensive nexus approach.
  • Regional Conference on Conservation Agriculture for Smallholders in Asia and Africa, 7-11 December, 2014; Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
  • The Winter 2014 issue of the CSU Graham Centre’s newsletter ‘The Innovator’ will include an article on the Southern Lao PDR component of the RSR program.
  • Jeff Esdaile’s Two-wheel Tractor Newsletter
  • Foran, T., Butler, J. R. A., Williams, L. J., Wanjura, W. J., Hall, A., Carter, L. and Carberry, P. S. (2014) Taking Complexity in Food Systems Seriously: An Interdisciplinary Analysis. World Development, 61: 85–101.
  • Lebel, L., Hoanh, C.T. Krittasudthacheewa, C and Daniel R. (Eds.) (2014). Climate Risks, Regional Integration and Sustainability in the Mekong Region. SIRD: Kuala Lumpur. Available in the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) Secretariat at the SEI-Asia Centre in Bangkok and soon in key bookshops in the Mekong region. The book can also be ordered directly from the publisher SIRD in Malaysia. Price (softcover): US$18.
  • New website: ‘Development and the Mekong Commons’ that aims to ‘examine the questions surrounding the Mekong Region’s development, and to identify new ones. Through interviews, stories, and case studies, particular importance is given to the details of development which are not readily seen’.

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