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An ACIAR-funded study on nutritionally rich leafy vegetables in the Pacific region has identified the ‘Top 10’ and produced a series of fact sheets to promote them to indigenous communities.

Factsheet 1: Feasibility study on increasing the consumption of nutritionally-rich leafy vegetables by indigenous communities in Samoa, Solomon Islands and Northern Australia

Factsheet 2: Taro Leaf

Factsheet 3: Aibika

Factsheet 4: Ete and Ofenga

Factsheet 5: Sweetleaf

Factsheet 6: Kangkong

Factsheet 7: Pumpkin and Choko tips

Factsheet 8: Drumstick Tree

Factsheet 9: Ceylon Spinach

Factsheet 10: Chilli Leaf

Factsheet 11: Amaranth

Factsheet 12: Improving nutrition with the Thursday Island Donut Gardens

The study’s goal is to encourage the production and consumption of these important food crops, to help combat the current epidemic of diet-related diseases in Pacific islanders and indigenous Australians.

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