ACIAR’s annual funding supports research through the International Agricultural Research Centre (IARC) system. Most of these Centres are a part of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). The goal of ACIAR’s multilateral program is to promote the effectiveness of agricultural R&D conducted by the IARCs with funds provided by Australia. In 2009/10, this investment represents approximately one-third of ACIAR’s budget (ACIAR 2009), or about A$18 million per year. The amount is expected to increase in the future.

ACIAR as part of its impact assessment activities has commissioned several studies to estimate the returns to Australia from several of the CGIAR Centres.In addition, ACIAR commissioned a study to provide evidence of how effective the CGIAR investment has been in terms of achieving economic impacts within the ACIAR mandate regions.

Benefit-cost meta-analysis of investment in the International Agricultural Research Centres
Authors: Anthea McClintok and Garry Griffith. Details: Impact Assessment Series 68 (IAS68), ACIAR, 2010

Benefits to Australia of selected CABI products
Authors: David Pearce and Michael Monck. Details: Impact Assessment Series 42 (IAS42), ACIAR, October 2006

Analysis of the Impact of CIMMYT Research on the Australian Wheat Industry
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Impact of ICARDA Research on Australian Agriculture
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Impact of ICRISAT Research on Australian Agriculture
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