As identified in ACIAR’s Annual Operational Plan 2012-13, the impact assessment program is undertaking the following activities during 2012-13:

Evaluation for accountability and learning

  • Project Leader Adoption Studies for projects concluded in 2008–09
  • An economic and environmental assessment of a key area of ACIAR’s natural resource management portfolio
  • An in-depth analysis of the impact of a significant area of ACIAR’s research portfolio on the wellbeing of target groups (multidimensional poverty analysis)
  • Analysis of ACIAR’s evaluations to update the measurement of estimated returns to investment, and to design improvements to investment decision-making and implementation of ACIAR’s initiatives
  • Methodological advances: an update of the ACIAR Impact Assessment Guidelines

Capacity building

  • Enhance the specification and estimation of the impact of new projects by assisting project research groups during peer review of their proposals